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The DC-252 center column is an optional accessory. It fits only the Ranger LS-254C Carbon Fiber tripod. It allows to raise the Maximum Operating Height by 315 mm. This center column is 22 mm thick, weighs only 100 g and consists of ten layers of Carbon Fiber. The top plate is equipped with a 3/8-inch screw to attach a professional tripod head. 

Steplessly sliding, the center column DC-252 can be easily and quickly adjusted. Just loosen the practical wing nut on the tripod plate of the Ranger LS-254C and retighten it as soon as the center column has been raised to the desired height. Even when it is cold outside it works aösp with gloves. The center column can also be attached to the tripod in reverse order to hang the camera almost under the tripod leg head. This is especially useful for macro photos of fauna and flora on the ground.

Leofoto DC-252 315mm Centre Column for LS-254C

SKU: DC-252
GST Included
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    • Tube diameter: 25/22mm
    • Length: 315mm
    • Weight: 123g 
    • Leg lock type: Twist-lock
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