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  • Use the geared centre column in combination with tripods which the 100mm tripod plate is removable. A geared center column is ideal if you want to set the height with exact precision. The swivel handle on the middle column can easily adjust the height by 14mm with every complete swing.

    The middle column is strong and stable and can be used with most Leofoto tripods. The maximum weight the middle column can handle is therefore equal to the maximum carrying weight of the tripod and the tripod head. At both ends there is a 63mm platform to mount a tripod head on.


    Key features

    • Easy to assemble
    • Made of aluminium
    • Weight: 797g

    Leofoto GC-404C 480mm Geared Centre Column for 100mm Collar Tripods

    SKU: GC-404C
    GST Included
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