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  • Leofoto LBH-80 Double Shpere PT Ball Head 


    The Outer ball 

    Universal rotation function, flexible composition 

    The hydraulic pan tilt usully only has two-dimensional adjustment. When the ground is uneven, the control l!evel of the foot tube must be adjusted. The double bait PTZ only needs to adjust the outer ball, and the but-in level gauge makes it easy to leveL 


    The Inner Sphere 

    Powerful hover function, freeze frame composition 

    The 58mm sphere diameter, in such a limited space, has the hovering, horizontal and pitching functions that can only be achieved by professional hydraulic PTZ with multiple volumes. From then on, y,ou only need to pay attention to your subject, and do not need to tighten or loosen the knob every time, and do not miss every wonderful moment.


    Panorama+pitching: the operating angle is the same as that of the hydraullc pan tilt. 

    Panorama+pitching movement. 

    These rigorous operations need no transfer and are independently comipleted by a sphere with a diameter of 58mm. 



    Height 125mm

    Weight 1.36kg

    Capacity 50kg

    Inner Ball Diameter 58mm

    Oute Ball Diameter 82mm

    Base Thread 2/8"

    Base Diameter 78mm

    lenth With Panning Arm 130mm

    Leofoto LBH-80 80mm Daul Ball Head / Spherical Gimbal

    SKU: LBH-80
    GST Included
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