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  • Leofoto Ranger Series  LS-285C with LH-36 28mm 5 Section Compact  Carbon Fibre Tripod 


    The Ranger series tripods offer a strong, rigid camera support system in a package that is lightweight, compact and easy to use and maintain.


    The Leofoto Ranger series is at the forefront of modern tripod design. Following the success of larger systematic style column-less tripods, more photographers realising a centre-column is a major compromise in tripod functionality. Leofoto is one of the first brands to bring out a column-less design as their core tripod range. 

    By eliminating the centre-column, the legs can be stowed flush against each other, which trims the folded diameter of tripods by as much as 40%. Removing the center-column also makes it lighter and cheaper, while improving rigidity as there are less interconnecting parts between the legs and the camera. The only major compromise is the lack of extra height that a center-column offers. Until recently, this has posed a major issue, but the latest precision carbon tubing and joint technology means that today’s 5-section tripods are as rigid as yesterday’s 4-section tripods. Manufacturers can thus increase the extended height of tripods, while keeping the folded length travel-friendly. 

    All Ranger series tripods feature a compact apex machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. The apex is hollowed out to save weight and hard anodised for durability. On the side there is a UNC ¼” mounting hole for the Leofoto AM range of magic arms for attaching accessories like smartphone holders and gopros. Below the apex is another UNC ¼” mounting hole for attaching a weight hook – such a hook and carabiner are included with all Ranger tripods. The legs attach via stainless steel hinge shafts and brass bushings to a machined aluminium hinge chassis – premium materials you won’t see on many tripods in the market today. 

    Contructed of premium Japanese Carbon Fibre using 10x layer cross-weave carbon fibre tubes made by Toray Inc – one of the world’s top carbon fibre manufacturers. This ensures strength and rigidity while ensuring class-leading weight specifications. The hinges have self-returning angle-selectors which helps to increase operation. 

    The range features fat joints with prominent ribbing to provide great grip and torque for easy loosening and tightening of the joints. One of Leofoto’s features is a single-piece joint-shim. All Leofoto tripods feature a one-piece shim, which makes maintenance and cleaning of the joints much easier. 

    With bevelled aluminium core feet rubber Leofoto have designed the ultimate tripod foot and the result is an internal aluminium frame that minimises the amount of flexible rubber in the construction. While this is a tiny detail, it adds to the rigidity of the tripod. All Leofoto Ranger series feet feature a multi-angled bevel, which helps to ensure grip. All Leofoto tripods include a set of spiked feet for shooting on ice or slippery rocks.



    • Material: Carbon Fibre
    • Number of Leg Sections: 3
    • Hard anodised 
    • Mounting Thread 
    • Max Height: 184cm
    • Max Load: 10kg
    • Weight: 1.62kg
    • Head Type: Ball Head
    • Compatible: Canon/Nikon/Sony/Universal

    Leofoto LS-285C with LH-36 Ranger Series 28mm 5 Section Tripod Kit

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