Leofoto MC-80KIT Multipurpose Clamp Kit - (MCB-18, MC-80)


The Leofoto MC-80 is a multipurpose clamp that allows you to clamp a camera or accessories such as a flash to places to unusual locations and uneven surfaces such as a tree branch, railings or poles for that different look.



  • Largest/smallest diameter (circular): 89/15mm
  • Largest/smallest opening (flat surface): 63mm/0mm (using flat jaw)
  • Mounting screw/hole: UNC 1/4″
  • Weight: 230g without flat jaw
  • Weight: 280g with flatwedge adapter
  • Maximum load: 15kg

Leofoto MC-80KIT Multipurpose Clamp Kit - (MCB-18, MC-80)

  • MC-80:

    • Max Locking diameter: 63mm
    • Min Locking diameter: 0mm
    • Mounting screw/hole: UNC 1/4"
    • MBC-18:
    • Ball diameter: 18mm
    • Height: 39mm
    • Base diameter: 15mm
    • Max. load: 5kg
    • Weight: 363g